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Awards Criteria 


Updated 14th August 2022

The following awards are presented each year at our Presentation Night in late March:


Club Representative Of The Year

1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters (athletes male or female U9 to U17). 

Criteria for this award will be based on the Athletes Performance in the:

a) Multi Carnival.

b) Relay Carnival.

c) State carnival.

d) Display good behaviour and sportsmanship and represents the Club well.

 Club Person

1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters (athletes Male or Female U6 to U17 ).

Athletes must meet 3 or more of the following;

a) Attend/Compete a minimum of 66% of competition nights.

b) Be committed to the ideals of the Club and Athletics as a whole.

c) Outstanding performance; Club Records, PB’s.

d) Be seen to be actively involved; setting up equipment, helping out younger Athletes, etc.

e) Display sportsmanship and good behaviour.

Over All Point Score

The Over All Point Score Award Is given as a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophy to both the highest point scoring male and female athletes of the club, provided they have competed in at least 66 % of events conducted by GMAC during the season.

Points are allocated as follows:

a) 1 point for each event competed in.

b) 1 point for each PB in each event in current season only.

c) 3 Points for the 1st time an athlete breaks a record ( any subsequent record breaking will not accrue points for a broken record but will receive 1 point for a PB)

d) 4 bonus points received for registering and paying in full by a date to be determined each season by the Committee – for 2014/15 this date will be 6 October 2014.

Over All Point Score In Each Age Group.

The Overall point score of each age group is given as a 1st 2nd and 3rd in each age group.

Best in Age Award.

Best in age award will be awarded to the athlete in each age group that has the most best performances across all events. This will be determined from a print out from whatever results software (currently Timing Solutions - Results HQ) is being used at the time. In the event of a tie, a count back shall be carried out.

Encouragement Award .

1 Award: Chosen by the committee. Written justification for selection must accompany the nomination. This will then be voted on at the awards meeting by the committee.

Participation Award. 

The Participation Award goes to all boys and girls in each age group registered to compete in the season .Provided they have competed in at least 33% of the season, and not received a 1st 2nd or 3rd trophy in their age group.

Personal Best Points Ribbons are handed out throughout the Summer Season:

 a) Athletes will receive a PB point each time they improve on their previous best performance in an event.

b) Only performances at normal GMAC competition will count for PB points.

c) For every 5 PB’s a Blue PB ribbon is awarded. For every 10 PB’s a Maroon ribbon is awarded, for 20 PB’s a rainbow coloured ribbon is awarded and 25 PB’s a medallion or some other prize, as chosen by the Committee is awarded.

e) The medallion or relevant prize for 25 PB’s or more is to be presented at the Presentation Night. 


Jenny Marmont Memorial Trophy.

The Marmont Award began in 2001. It is named after Jenny Marmont who was a hard working and active member of GMAC prior to her death in 2000 at the young age of 32. It is an award given usually to one male and one female from the club who have been involved in Little Athletics for quite some time, shown dedication to athletics, and have served the Club admirably. The committee nominate and choose the recipients. It is the only Perpetual Trophy of our Club.


President’s Award.

Chosen by the President Only


Life Membership.

a) The Committee may recommend the appointment of Life Membership of the Club at any Awards Meeting or Annual General Meeting.

b) There shall be no more than 5 life members awarded within a 3 year period.

The nominee will be expected to have given extreme service to the Club for no less than 10 years. This period may be cumulative in one or more stages, and need not be consecutive.

c) It would be expected that the nominee would have filled committee positions or any other role which exceeds the normal expectations of a club member.

d) The Life Membership shall be ratified upon a vote supported by 75% of members present at the Awards meeting. e) A Life Member shall not be required to pay membership subscriptions of the Club.

f) In extreme circumstances, a Life Membership may be withdrawn if recommended by the committee and ratified by 75% of members present at the AGM.


Eligibility for Major Awards.

a) Only registered athletes are eligible for any GMAC award. Major end of season awards, excluding the Marmont Award, will be limited to those athletes who have competed in at least 66% of competition events conducted by GMAC, except in cases where the Committee has been informed that an athlete has been ill or injured in writing and lodged to the secretary at least 1 month before the last day of season competition.

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